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(Eva Williams,, 4/2021)

Verdict: Developed for Windows and Mac, AliveColors image editor can satisfy the requirements of professional and amateurish photographers. It is an effective layer-based program for editing and optimization, image stylization and graphics design, reformatting, and performing image quality adjustment.

AliveColors helps make photos more appealing and eye-catching. It offers tools and effects to draw, paint, create vector graphics, retouch and recolor images. In short, you can use it to implement your most creative ideas. <...>

AliveColors has a great number of tools to edit, retouch and enhance digital pics. Moreover, it is a user-friendly option, so even complete novices can take advantage of it. It’s nice that the software is cheaper than alternatives.

You can use AliveColors image editor if you want to add gentle touches to your photos. You can resize, crop or apply filters with minimum time and effort.

AliveColors software is keeping up with the competitors offering numerous useful tools. Shooters effectively use them to improve photographs, generate “HDR imagery”, edit RAW pics, and create collages.

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AliveColors 2
(L. Davenport, Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group,, 11/2020)

AliveColors is a photo editing program that also has a full set of painting and drawing tools. It has been designed to support the needs and user levels from the beginner to the pro user. <...>

Evaluation: AliveColors is a feature rich art and photo editing program that would be a good tool for most artists. I like that ten of Akvis’ separately sold plug-ins are built into the AliveColors program. I already owned six of these plug-ins and I was pleased to see that the built-in ones were not crippled versions. So I took this as an opportunity to not only get AliveColors, but to also get the latest versions of my six plugins. The only difference between the built-in plug-ins compared to the separately bought plug-ins is that the separately bought plug-ins can be immediately updated whereas the built-in plug-ins have to wait until AliveColors is updated for the plug-ins to be updated at the same time. But I can live with this limitation.

If you are in the market for getting a graphics/photo editor or if you are interested in cutting the cord to Photoshop - I suggest that you take AliveColors’ trial copy for a test run to see if all of the features that you need are included in the program. If they are, it’s a no-brainer -- dump your Photoshop subscription and get AliveColors!

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Akvis AliveColors 2.0 Pro
(, 6/2020)

Softwarefabrikant Akvis heeft naast een groot aantal plug-ins sinds een paar jaar ook een compleet beeldbewerkingsprogramma voor Windows en Mac-gebruikers in het programma. Van dit programma is nu een nieuwe versie verschenen. Akvis AliveColors 2.0 is volgens de makers niet alleen geschikt voor professionals, maar ook voor amateurfotografen en beginners. Het programma bezit een uitgebreide collectie gereedschappen, toepassingen, filters en effecten om beelden naar een hoger plan te tillen. Wij bekeken de Pro-versie. <...>

Akvis AliveColors 2.0 Pro kost $ 160,- en voor dat geld krijgt men een prima beeldbewerkingsprogramma met een grote hoeveelheid handige gereedschappen en fraaie effecten aan boord. De Home-versie van AliveColors is met een prijskaartje van $ 49,-weliswaar een stuk goedkoper, maar die ontbeert een groot aantal filters en effecten die AliveColors 2.0 nu juist zo interessant maken. Deze nieuwe versie verschilt overigens qua functionaliteit niet zo gek veel van de vorige, maar het programma is wel veel stabieler en sneller geworden. Zo duurde het omzetten van een 61-megapixelbeeld op onze Windows Intel Core i7-computer naar een airbrush-versie minder dan 2 seconden! Ook het verwijderen van krassen en vlekken uit een oude zwart-witfoto ging razendsnel. Wie het programma zelf wil proberen kan hier een 10-dagen probeerversie downloaden. Ons advies: zeker doen!

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AliveColors is an All in One Photo Editing Software for Professionals & Amateurs
(Ankit Gupta, TheWindowsClub,, 2/2018)

I am sure that you have dozens of photographs stored on your Windows PC with much more to come. However, do you think that all of them look excellent? Probably, No.

Here is a tip. With a photo editing software, you can transform your photos into something startling that you can share with your friends and relatives, or even make a frame for your wall.

So, whether you are looking for a complete makeover tool that gives you fine control over every minute detail of your photos, or a basic photo editor that offers a range of one-click filters, AliveColors from software development company AKVIS has it all.

It offers a wide range of tools, adjustments, filters, and multiple effects, taking your photographs to the next level. Along with the features discussed above, there is much more than the software offers. You can use artistic brushes and filters to stylize photos and create images from scratch. The program also includes easy-to-use shape tools that are requisite for designing scalable vector-based graphics.

AliveColors is more than an image editor; it also supports vector-based graphics such as line drawings, logos, or information graphics using vector-based objects with text.

Noise reduction filters and blur effects can allow you to touch-up your existing and new photos, while tonal and color controls provide an array of prepress adjustment capabilities.

AliveColors supports plugins both by AKVIS and by third-party developers.

AliveColors is multilingual and supports 4k and 5k displays. It is currently available in English, German, French, Italian, and Russian.

Compared to its competitors, AliveColors is available at a much lesser cost.

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AliveColors, la alternativa a Photoshop para Windows y Mac
(Programas Web Full, 1/2018)

En la web podremos encontrar una gran variedad de editores de imágenes, pero cuando hablamos de un programa práctico y con excelente calidad, podemos confiar en AliveColors. Este editor desarrollado por AKVIS e integrado recientemente al mercado, posee una amplia lista de herramientas para brindar al usuario una mejor edición y retoque de imágenes de alta calidad. <...>

AliveColors se ha convertido en una herramienta muy útil para los amantes de la edición de imagen, pues su manejo es muy accesible y resulta sencillo al usuario familiarizarse con él. <...>

AliveColors lleva la calidad de fotos a un nuevo nivel, gracias a una amplia variedad de herramientas funcionales que vienen integradas.

Uno de los potenciales de esta herramienta, es que cuenta con una interfaz poco compleja y muy similar a las de otros programas de edición, como Photoshop. Ofrece un buen funcionamiento, que no solo será de gran utilidad para profesionales de la fotografía y la edición, sino que también para principiantes interesados en una herramienta de edición de imágenes. <...>

Una de las ventajas de esta alternativa a Photoshop, es que ofrece al usuario un panel de aprendizaje ubicado en la parte inferior del programa, y que cuenta con una lista de tutoriales para los que se están iniciando en la aplicación. Aquí se explica desde cómo crear una nueva imagen, hasta cómo lograr una edición de calidad como todo un profesional.

Esta es una función muy útil que podemos encontrar en muy pocos programas de computadora y destaca como un punto a favor de AliveColors, pues lo convierte en un programa accesible para una gran cantidad de público interesado en aprender. <...>

A pesar de ser un programa que no lleva mucho tiempo en el mercado, este editor de imágenes ha crecido muy rápido desde que fue lanzado, y cuenta con excelentes reseñas y muy buena clasificación de sus usuarios.


(L. Davenport, Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group,, 9/2017)

If you in the market for a good graphics and photo editing program or would like to get away from Adobe Photoshop with its unending subscription fees, then you should take a look at AKVIS’ new AliveColors. <...>

If you have used Photoshop in the past, you will feel right at home with AliveColors. The user interface and tools are very similar. But don’t get me wrong, AliveColors has a lot of its own bells & whistles. <...>

I like that twelve of AKVIS’ External plugins are built into the AliveColors program. I already owned seven of these plug-ins and I was pleased to see that the built-in ones were not crippled versions. <...>

All-in-all I think for a brand new piece of software, AliveColors is off to a good start. I look forward to its updates and improvements as it matures over the months and years to come.

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