AliveColors: Image Editing Software

AliveColors is a comprehensive and powerful cross-platform graphics editor. The image editing software is intended for both professionals and beginners. It allows you to manipulate images and create graphics. Boost your creativity with AliveColors!


AliveColors offers a wide range of tools, adjustments, effects, and built-in plugins, taking your photographs to the next level.

Along with the image enhancement features, the software provides artistic brushes and filters that allow you to stylize photos and create images from scratch. The program also includes easy-to-use shape tools which are indispensable for designing scalable vector-based graphics.

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Vector-Based User Interface

AliveColors offers the intuitive user interface with support for 4k & 5k displays. The vector-based UI is completely customizable giving you the flexibility to personalize your workflow.

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Support for Graphics Tablets

AliveColors is compatible with pressure sensitive graphics tablets giving you total control over the design process.


Multilingual User Interface

AliveColors supports multiple interface languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified).

You can change the language in the Preferences.


Real-Time Hints

For getting started, don't forget to turn on the Hints panel in the Workspace.

When you hover the cursor over any setting/button of the program, a corresponding hint appears in this field. It makes the software extremely easy to learn, even for first-time users!


Illustrated Tutorials

The comprehensive AliveColors Tutorial guides you through the entire workflow and provides an overview of all the features and capabilities of the image editor.

In addition to the text tutorials and examples, you can also watch our video tutorials.


Free 10 Days Trial

During the test period, you can access all the features without registration and choose the most suitable plan for you.

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Professional Photo Editing

AliveColors is equipped with all necessary tools to enhance your photos to their full potential: advanced image editing & enhancement features including powerful noise reduction, focus improvement & blur effects, portrait retouching, tone correction, prepress processing, improving detail, selective color correction, creating HDR images, extracting complex objects, text adding and editing, etc. The program also implements exhaustive RAW editing functionality. To save time and effort, you can use the Batch Processing feature that lets you quickly process dozens of photos.

Original Image Photo Optimization
Original Image Portrait Enhancement


Photo Retouching

The program’s retouching tools combine cutting-edge technologies, great performance, and user-friendliness. You can make the most of your portraits using fashion & beauty retouching techniques.

Original Image Portrait Enhancement
Original Image Portrait Enhancement


Advanced Shape Tools

The Shape Tools enable you to create scalable vector-based objects that can be resized without quality loss. Create eye-catching infographic designs, unique logos, stunning digital illustrations, backgrounds, and mock-ups with ease!

Advanced Shape Tools
Advanced Shape Tools


Precise Selections Made Easy

Forget time-consuming selection techniques. The invaluable masking tools allow you to cut out complex objects like hair, fur, clouds, glass, trees, or water splashes automatically! Apply the Refine Edges feature to accurately modify the boundary of hard-to-select image elements.

Original Image Image Masking
Original Image Image Masking


Adjustment Layers

Optimize and enhance your digital images by applying Levels, Curves, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Black & White, etc. Experiment with color and tonal adjustments without damaging the original photo!

Original Image Adjustment Layers
Original Image Adjustment Layers


Creativity with No Limit

Combining state-of-the-art technologies with an artistic approach, the professional level drawing & painting tools allow you to create freehand images from scratch or spice up regular photos. For a quick result, you can apply unique artistic filters transforming images into gorgeous paintings in real time. Put the resulting image into one of the built-in frames and choose a paper texture from the integrated library. Observe digital masterpieces unfolding before your very eyes!

Original Image LightShop Plugin
Original Image Neon Plugin


Advanced Brush Editor

AliveColors features an advanced brush editor that can assist you in creating your own completely editable brushes. Using the dynamics settings you can randomize the size, shape, color, opacity, and other parameters as you paint. The brushes are also optimized for use with pressure-sensitive graphics tablets for even better realism and control.

Original Image Created with Standard Brushes
Original Image Created with Standard Brushes


Unique Effects

The program allows imitating extraordinary effects such as nature phenomena or light & star effects in a click. Make your digital sceneries look dramatically different by putting the shining sun or a marvelous rainbow, or even a lightning bolt on it, and by adding rain or snow, or a misty fog. Also, you can apply Stylize filters like Two Keys, Twirl, Ripple, Polar Coordinates, Extrude, Displace, Mosaic, Crystalize, Posterize, etc.

Original Image Aurora Effect
Original Image Lightning Effect


Collage Creating

AliveColors offers several exclusive collage creating algorithms. Сombine your photos into amazing collages in just a few minutes!

Original Image Collage Creating
Original Image Collage Creating


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