Pen & Ink

The Pen & Ink effect converts photographs into drawings using expressive contour lines and hatching technique. The effect imitates colored ink drawings authentically reproducing the work of a pen. A feature of pen drawing is the contour manner of execution and the changeable nature of the lines.

    Attention! The effect is not available in the Free version of AliveColors.

Original Image Pen & Ink Effect
Pen & Ink


    Level of Detail (1-100). Level of detail and strokes that form the border.

    Sensitivity (0-100). Intensity of boundary lines. The higher the value, the more lines appear in the image. Reduce the value to remove extra lines.

    Thickness (1-100). Thickness of the boundary lines. At the minimum value, contours are one pixel in width, while increasing the value makes lines thicker.

    Definition (0-8). Visualization of lines: their size, appearance, and position, as well as contour generation method. At higher values, more lines are used and the details of an image are more defined.

    Sharpen (0-100). Sharpness of lines. At higher values, lines have more clarity and more vividly and accurately trace areas. At lower values lines become thicker and blurred.

    Paint Color. Change the color of ink by clicking the color plate that opens the color selection dialog.

    Background Color. Select the color of a paper by clicking the color plate.


All changes are displayed in a small preview area.

To process the entire image with the selected settings, press the Run button.

Click Default to restore the original settings.

Click OK to apply the changes to the image and close the effect parameters.

Click Cancel to close the dialog box without applying changes.