The Vibrance adjustment allows you to gently change the color saturation of an image. It's useful when you need to increase the intensity of muted colors in a photo and leave the already well-saturated colors.

Select Image -> Adjustment -> Vibrance... to display the adjustment parameters in the Settings Panel.

You can also use the Vibrance adjustment layer (Layers -> New -> Adjustment Layer -> Vibrance...) which will affect all the underlying layers without changing their content.



    Vibrance (-100..100). The parameter has a stronger effect on the saturation of all less saturated colors in an image, with a weak effect on well-saturated colors.

    Vibrance = -50 Vibrance = -50

    Vibrance = 50 Vibrance = 50

    Saturation (-100..100). Changes the intensity of all colors in an image. The setting value varies from -100 (black and white) to +100 (very bright colors).

    Saturation = -50 Saturation = -50

    Saturation = 50 Saturation = 50

    Fixed Preview Area. If the check-box is enabled, all changes will be displayed in a small preview area indicated by the dotted line. If the check-box is disabled, the changes will be applied to the area visible in the Image Window.

    Click Default to restore the default values.

    Click OK to apply all changes and close the dialog box.

    Click Cancel to close the dialog box without applying any changes.