Bokeh Effect

AliveColors offers various filters and effects that give a unique look to your images. This tutorial demonstrates how to easily create a digital bokeh effect. The bokeh is an eye-catching pattern of light within the out of focus area of an image.

Original Image Result Result
(mouse over to see the original image)


Open the photo in AliveColors image editor.

Duplicate the background layer by clicking it with the right mouse button and selecting Duplicate... in the context menu.

Layers Panel Layers Panel

In the toolbar, select the Color Brush and press the F5 hotkey to open the full list of parameters. In the presets list, select Soft Round Brush and adjust the parameters as follows:

Click the color plate in the toolbar to open the Select Color dialog box. In the Web Colors field, enter the value fff3e6 and press the Enter key.

Brush over the areas you want to blur.

Adding Light Points Adding Light Points

Apply the blur filter to the background. Select Effects -> Blur -> Iris Blur, adjust the blur area and set the effect parameters.

Iris Blur Effect Iris Blur Effect

If necessary, edit the blurred area using the soft History Brush .

History Brush Applied History Brush Applied

Select the Color Brush tool again, press the F5 hotkey, and select the Hemisphere preset. Adjust the parameters as follows:

Draw several lines in the blurred area... and voilà!

Result Result