Thread Brush

Activate the FX Brush tool and choose the Thread Brush from the drop-down list.

The Thread Brush creates strokes consisting of multiple thin interwoven lines and allows you to achieve a wide variety of decorative effects. It's useful when creating abstract backgrounds and eye-catching textures, scribble and doodle effects.

Original Image Using Thread Brush Thread Brush
(mouse over the image to see the original image)

Choose the brush color in the Color, Swatches, or Color Wheel panel, or from the image with the Eyedropper tool. To pick a color sample, press and hold the I key and then click the image with the Eyedropper tool. After the hotkey is released, the painting tool becomes active again.


The basic tool settings are shown in the Tool Options panel above the Image Window or by right-clicking on the image. To display the full list of parameters, press the tool icon in the Tool Options panel or use the F5 key. To specify the parameter settings, enter a numerical value in the parameter’s field or use the slider.


Click Default to reset all settings to their default values.