The Zoom tool is used to change the image scale.

To zoom in or out, select the tool and click the image in the AliveColors program window. In the Tool Options panel, select one of two modes:

    - Zoom In : click in the image to zoom in; hold down the Alt key and click in the image to zoom out.

    - Zoom Out : click in the image to zoom out; hold down the Alt and click to zoom in.

To restore the original scale, press the 100% button in the Tool Options panel. When you click the Fit to View button, the image will automatically scale to fit the size of the Image Window.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to change the image scale: + and Ctrl++ (++ on Mac) to zoom in, - and Ctrl+- (+- on Mac) to zoom out.

You can adjust the scale using the following commands in the Image menu: Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Scaling.

It is also possible to increase the scale of the selected area. For this purpose press and select a rectangular area. When the rectangular area is selected, the image scale will be changed so that the selected part of the image will fill the whole window.

Double-clicking on the tool’s icon on the Toolbar makes the image scale to 100% (Actual Size).

Zoom-In Selected Area Zoom-In Selected Area