Using the keyboard shortcuts (so-called hotkeys) can simplify and speed up the processing. To activate a tool, you can either click on its icon or use a shortcut.

Below is a list of shortcuts which can be used in AliveColors. To change a shortcut, use the HotKeys tab in the program's Preferences (click in the upper right corner of the program window).


Basic Commands:
Ctrl+N +N Create a new image
Ctrl+Shift+N ++N Create a new image from the clipboard
Ctrl+O +O Open an image
Ctrl+W +W Close an image
Ctrl+Alt+W +Option+W Close all images
Ctrl+S +S Save an image
Ctrl+Shift+S ++S Save an image as...
Ctrl+P +P Print an image
Ctrl+Z +Z Undo the last action
Ctrl+Y +Y Redo the last action
Shift+Z +Z Back to the last action (switching between two states in History)
F1 F1 Open Tutorial
Ctrl+Q +Q Exit the program
+ or Ctrl++ + or ++ Zoom In
- or Ctrl+- - or +- Zoom Out
Ctrl+1 +1 Original Size (100%)
Ctrl+0 +0 Scale an image to the window
Alt+ Option+ Scale an image to fit the window width
Alt+ Option+ Scale an image to fit the window height
Ctrl+L +L Levels
Ctrl+M +M Curves
Ctrl+U +U Hue/Saturation
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B    +Option++B    Black & White
Ctrl+I +I Invert
Ctrl+Shift+L ++L Auto Levels
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L +Option++L Auto Contrast
Ctrl+Alt+I +Option+I Resize an Image
Ctrl+Alt+C +Option+C Resize Canvas
Ctrl+G +G Group Layers
Ctrl+Shift+G ++G Ungroup Layers
Ctrl+, +, Show/Hide Layers
Ctrl+Shift+] ++] Bring to Front
Ctrl+] +] Bring Forward
Ctrl+[ +[ Send Backward
Ctrl+Shift+[ ++[ Send to Back
Ctrl+E +E Merge Selected Layers
Ctrl+Shift+E ++E Merge Visible Layers
Ctrl+A +A Select all
Ctrl+D +D Deselect
Ctrl+Shift+D ++D Reselect
Ctrl+Shift+I ++I Invert selection
Ctrl+X +X Cut a selection
Ctrl+C +С Copy to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+C ++C Copy the contents of all layers
Ctrl+V +V Paste from clipboard
Ctrl+J +J Layer via Copy
Ctrl+Shift+J ++J Layer via Cut
Ctrl+Alt+R +Option+R Refine Edges
Delete Delete Remove selected areas
M M Selection Tools
W W Quick Selection Tools
C C Crop Tool
V V Move Tool
Ctrl+T +T Transform Tool
T T Text Tools
I I Eyedropper Tool
H H Hand Tool
Z Z Zoom Tool
B B Painting & Drawing Tools
E E Erasing Tools
G G Filling Tools
S S Clone Stamp Tool
J J Chameleon Brush Tool
K K Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge Tools
O O Lighten, Darken, and Saturation Tools
X X FX Brushes
A A Artistic Brushes
U U Shape Tools
[ and ] [ and ] Decrease / Increase Brush Size
N+mouse wheel N+mouse wheel Change the size of the brush
Shift+[ and Shift+] +[ and +] Decrease / Increase Brush Hardness
                    Scroll an image in a window (the Hand tool is temporarily active while you hold down the spacebar)
Panels (enable/disable):
F5 F5 Expanded Tool Options Panel
F6 F6 Color Panel
F7 F7 Layers Panel
F8 F8 File Info Panel
F9 F9 Actions Panel
Auxiliary Lines:
Ctrl+R +R Show rulers
Ctrl+' +' Show grid
Ctrl+; +; Show guidelines
Ctrl+Shift+; ++; Snap to edges
Ctrl+Alt+; +Option+; Fix guidelines
In addition:
Ctrl+F +F Apply the last effect
Shift+mouse click +mouse click Draw a straight line