Selections Panel

The Selections panel allows users to handle multiple selections simultaneously.

Selections Panel Selections Panel

The panel contains a list of selections. If there are no selections for this image, the list is empty.

When creating selections, new items appear in the list with the names: Selection 1, Selection 2, etc. To rename a selection, double-click it in the list, enter a new value and press Enter.

The current (editable) selection is highlighted in gray in the list, and its contour is marked with a dotted line. To choose another selection, click on its name or thumbnail. To hide the contours of the selection, use the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D on Windows, +D on Mac, or the command Select -> Deselect (in this case, there are no active elements in the panel list).

To change the size of thumbnails, press the button at the top of the Selections panel.

To the right of the selection name you can find a lock icon /. If the element is unlocked, the selection tools remove the current selection and create a new one. If all elements are locked, a new item will be added to the list when creating a new selection.

The current selection can be viewed and edited in the Channels panel.

To delete the current selection, press at the bottom of the panel or drag and drop the item onto this button.