General Settings

The General Settings tab contains settings for adjusting the white balance, tone and saturation of an image. In this tab, you can perform the basic correction, and then use the parameters of other tabs to fine-tune the image and get rid of some optical defects.

General Settings Tab


The following parameters are used for tonal and color correction of an image:

In the White Balance section, you can adjust the color correction settings to provide more accurate color reproduction of an image.

White balance is a process of color correction that makes white appear white, with no color tinge.

You can automatically adjust the Color Temperature and Tint parameters using the presets in the White Balance drop-down list. The entire color tone of the image changes according to the chosen preset.

The default preset is As Shot. It applies camera white balance settings to the image if they are available (recorded in the image metadata area).

When you select Auto, the program will analyze the image and automatically adjust the white balance.

If the white balance was set incorrectly when shooting, you can choose one of the presets whose name most closely matches the ambient light conditions in the photo: Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Incandescent Lamp, Fluorescent Lighting, or Flash.

As Shot As Shot

Shade Shade

If you are not happy with the automatic adjustment, you can change the parameter values manually:


In the Tone Correction section, you can even out the brightness in certain areas of the image as well as reveal details in the overexposed and underexposed areas.


In the Color Correction section, you can change the sharpness of the image as well as the saturation of colors.

Adjust the following parameters:


Adjusting the parameters of this tab is usually sufficient to achieve a good result.

If needed, you can apply additional effects to the image or remove some defects using the parameters of other tabs.

You can save the selected parameters as a preset in the Presets tab in order to reuse them when processing other RAW files.