In the Actions panel, you can save a sequence of actions to be automatically applied to other images. The actions can be applied to individual documents or used for batch processing of files.

The actions are displayed in a list view and grouped into sets for convenience.

Actions List Actions List

At the bottom of the panel, there are the following buttons:

  • The Create New Set button creates a new action group. The grouping of actions allows you to organize them for easier use.
  • The Create New Action button creates a new action in the chosen set. Double-click the action's name (or the group's name) to edit it.
  • The Record button adds commands to the selected action. After clicking the button, all the commands will be recorded until you stop recording.

      Note: Not all commands are recordable.

  • The Play button applies the selected action to the active image.
  • The Stop button allows to stop recording or playing of an action.
  • The Save button allows to save the selected action.
  • The Load button allows you to load an action from disk.
  • The Delete button removes the selected action or set of actions from the list.

When playing an action, it is added to the History list as a separate item. The recorded commands and their settings are displayed in the Actions panel.