Vintage Photo Effect

AliveColors provides a wide variety of photo stylization options. This tutorial shows how to give your photos a retro look and create a vintage postcard effect. Add a unique touch to your work!

Original Image Result Result
(mouse over to see the original image)


Open the original photo in the AliveColors graphic editor.

Desaturate the image. To do this, create a new Black & White adjustment layer above the background layer by clicking on the Layers panel and selecting Adjustment Layer -> Black & White...

Use the multicolored hexagon to adjust the grayscale values. In this example, we darkened the red areas to make the model's lips darker; and then lightened the yellow areas to give the skin a lighter tone.

Default Values Default Values

Adjusted Values Adjusted Values

Lighten the dark areas of the image using the Curves adjustment layer (Layers -> New -> Adjustment layer -> Curves). Adjust the curve as follows:

Curves Adjustment Layer Curves Adjustment Layer

Lightened Image Lightened Image

Add a smooth sepia tone to the image. Select the Black & White adjustment layer on the Layers panel and double-click the layer thumbnail to open the parameters panel. In the gradient circle drag the white point from the center to the orange area. Place the point near the center. Try to achieve the traditional sepia tone.

Black & White Adjustment Layer Black & White Adjustment Layer

Add a white frame to the photo. To do this, activate the background image, click the button in the Layers panel and select Stroke.

Color Stroke Effect Color Stroke Effect

You can view the final result below. The delicate vintage effect makes the image more appealing and eye-catching:

Result Result