Edit Shape Tool
Shape Tools

Shape Tools are designed to create and edit vector shapes. Shapes are created on a separate shape layer labeled .

Edit Shape . The tool allows you to adjust the form and position of the shape.

You can drag the shape by placing the cursor inside the frame and moving it holding down the mouse button.

If the tool is active, the anchor points of the selected shape are available for editing. You can edit one or more points simultaneously. It's possible to change the shape by dragging its segments.

Dragging the Point Dragging the Point

Dragging the Segment Dragging the Segment

The points chosen for editing are black. Selected points can be moved or deleted. You can select multiple anchor points by holding down the Shift key.

The anchor point can be of two types: smooth point and corner point. Editing of different points types will be different.

Smooth Point Smooth Point

Corner Point Corner Point

You can move corner points with the mouse cursor. When editing smooth points you can not only drag them with the cursor, but also change adjacent segments using two direction lines. To change the length and direction of the direction lines adjust round marks located on their ends. Increasing the length of the direction line increases the curvature of the adjacent curve.

The direction of both vectors of the selected smooth point changes simultaneously. Hold down the Ctrl key to change not only the direction of the lines but also their size. Hold down the Alt key to change the direction and size of each line separately.

Simultaneous Adjustment Simultaneous Adjustment

Separate Adjustment Separate Adjustment

To add a new point, double click on the outline of the shape.

To remove a point, double-click on it. Press the Delete key to delete the anchor point and the adjacent segments of the shape.


Editing Options (in the Tool Options panel):

    Modes - logic operations, which determine the result of the interaction of shapes on the layer.

      Add To Shape Area . The selected shape is combined with other shapes.

      Subtract From Shape Area . The selected shape is excluded from the existing one.

      Intersect Shape Areas . The option keeps only the overlapping area of the shapes.

    The following buttons change the order of the shapes on the layer (valid only within the same layer):

      - brings the selected shape to the fore.

      - shifts the selected shape one position forward.

      - shifts the selected shape one position backwards.

      - brings the selected shape to the back.

    The Smooth Corners button converts corner points into smooth points.

    The Sharp Corners button turnes smooth points into corner points.

    Sharp Corners Sharp Corners

    Smooth Corners Smooth Corners

    The following buttons are used to align multiple selected shapes on the same layer relative to each other:

      - align top edges,

      - align vertical centers,

      - align bottom edges,

      - align left edges,

      - align horizontal centers,

      - align right edges.

    If the Auto Select checkbox is enabled, left-clicking on any shape automatically activates the appropriate shape layer.

    Click on in the Tool Options panel to show the dialog box with Fill Shape and Stroke tabs. Use the Fill Shape tab to customize the color of the selected shape. Use the Stroke tab to add a stroke to the selected shape and edit it.