Partial Desaturation

AliveColors provides many possibilities for image stylization. This example shows how to process different parts of a photo with different filters or adjustments using layer masks.

Original Image Partial Desaturation
Partial Desaturation


Open the original photo in the AliveColors graphics editor.

Original Image Original Image

Convert the photo into a striking black and white image. To do this, create a new Color Lookup (3D LUT) adjustment layer above the background layer by clicking the button in the Layers panel and selecting Adjustment Layer -> Color Lookup (3D LUT) from the list.

Select Black And White 4.cube from the drop-down list in the settings panel.

Black And White Photo Black And White Photo

Switch to background layer.

Select the girl in the photo using the AI-based Select Subject tool (in the Select menu).

Selection Selection

Switch back to the Color Lookup (3D LUT) adjustment layer. Right-click the layer in the Layers panel to open the context menu and select the Hide Selection command.

Background Separation Background Separation

Adjust the contrast for the girl with the Levels adjustment layer. For this example, the following settings were set:

Levels Adjustment Layer Levels Adjustment Layer

Add a mask for the Levels layer. Switch to the Selection panel and choose the previously created selection (or use the Ctrl+Shift+D keys). In the layer context menu, select the Reveal Selection command.

The result is a stylishly processed photo with a great impact.

Result Partial Desaturation