Color Lookup (3D LUT)

The Color Lookup (3D LUT) adjustment allows you to change colors and tone of your image using a lookup table (LUT) file. This feature helps you to quickly make a particular look for your image and totally change its mood.

Select Image -> Adjustment -> Color Lookup (3D LUT)...

You can also apply the Color Lookup (3D LUT) adjustment layer (by selecting it in Layers -> New -> Adjustment Layer) that will affect all the underlying layers without changing their content.

Original Image Modified Colors Color Lookup
(hover the mouse over the picture to see the original image)


If necessary, you can load a lookup table by clicking and selecting a file in .3dl, .cube format. The selected lookup table will be added to the list and can be applied to the image. To remove it from the list click .


Fixed Preview Area. If the check-box is enabled, all changes will be displayed in a small preview area indicated by the dotted line. If the check-box is disabled, the changes will be applied to the area visible in the Image Window.

Click Default to restore the default values.

Click OK to apply all changes and close the dialog box.

Click Cancel to close the dialog box without applying any changes.