The built-in AirBrush plug-in allows you to imitate the technique of spray paint and transform a photo into an airbrush painting.

Airbrushing is a painting technique that involves spraying a mist of dye, ink or paint through an air-operated tool. They are typically associated with automotive and graffiti art; however, airbrushes are often used in fine art. Spray paintings are characterized by exceptional smoothness and high detail.


The airbrush effect is fully adjustable with the parameters.

In the built-in AirBrush plugin, two color modes are available:

The plugin is equipped with a set of Presets that allow you to make instant changes to your image with one click of a button. Presets can be used as-is or modified as needed.


Try the AKVIS AirBrush software (available as a plugin and as a standalone program) to get more options for converting a photo into an airbrush drawing. The original software offers 3 modes: Original Colors, Monochrome, and Multicolor.