Recolor Brush

Recolor Brush is used to colorize the layer with the selected color.

You can adjust the brush color in the Color, Swatches, or Color Wheel panel as well as sample it directly from the image. To select a color from the image, hold down the I key to access the Eyedropper tool. When you release the hotkey, the tool will be activated again.


The basic tool settings are shown in the Tool Options panel above the Image Window. A full list of parameters is displayed by clicking the tool icon on the Tool Options or by right-clicking on the image. To change the value of a parameter, enter a numerical value in the input field of this parameter or move the slider.

Beside the above-listed settings, some additional parameters are available for this tool.


Press the Default button to set all settings to their default values.

To draw a straight line, first select the starting point by clicking the left mouse button, then, while keeping Shift pressed, bring the cursor to the desired end point and release Shift. If Shift is not released, additional lines will be drawn to each point where the mouse is clicked.