Face & Body Shaping

AliveColors contains many features for professional photo retouching. This example shows how to improve a portrait changing a person's face or body using the Deformation Tools.

To get a realistic result, avoid excessive use of the tools.


Face Shaping

Original Image Result Face Shaping
(mouse over to see the original image)

Open an image in AliveColors.

Make a copy of the background layer by dragging the layer icon onto the button in the Layers panel.

Original Image Original Image

In the Toolbar, enable the Deformation Tools .

Although the girl is absolutely lovely and sweet, we will try to create a look she asked for. The girl wanted to make her facial features more thin and graceful.

The first step is to change the shape of the face. To do this, on the tool options, select the Push tool , adjust the settings, and draw counterclockwise along the oval of the face. If the result seems insufficient, then redo it.

Modeling Face Oval Modeling the Face Oval

Reduce the width of the nose and the thickness of the eyebrows, as the client asked, using the Pucker tool .

Set the Size slightly wider than the nose, set lower values for Hardness and Strength, and draw from top to bottom along the nose, as well as additionally process the wings of the nose. If necessary, repeat.

Do the same with eyebrows. Set the Size of the tool approximately equal to the thickness of the eyebrows and draw first on one eyebrow, and then on the other.

Reshaping Nose and Eyebrows Reshaping Nose and Eyebrows

Increase the size of the eyes. Select the Bloat tool , set the Size to a little larger than the size of the eyes. Reduce the value of the Rate parameter to 15. Set the center of the brush cursor to the center of the pupil and press the left mouse button. Similarly, increase the second eye.

Enlarge the section of the eyes with the Forward Warp tool . To create this effect, place the center of the cursor in the corner of the eye and drag to the side.

Increasing Eyes Increasing Eyes

The last thing is to adjust the shape of the mouth. Select the Push tool and drag along the border of the lips clockwise - the lips will become more voluminous.

Using the Forward Warp tool , you can change the emotions in the face. Set the cursor center in the corner of the lips and drag up - until a slight smile appears. If you pull it down, the mood will change to sad.

If necessary, you can use the Reconstruct tool to reduce the distortion or add more if the correction made was not enough. Click to exit the deformation mode.

Adding Last Deformations Adding Last Deformations

Using other tools and filters in AliveColors, you can smooth out the skin, change the color balance, increase the color saturation and contrast of the photo.

Result Result


Body Shaping

Now let's look at how to quickly change a body shape in AliveColors.

Original Image Result Body Shaping
(mouse over to see the original image)

Open a photo in AliveColors.

Original Image Original Image

The shape is great, but the client asked for a few small changes.

Reduce waist with Push tool .

Before Change Before Change

Waist Reduction Waist Reduction

Continuing to work with the Push tool , increase the width of the hips and thighs.

Before Change Before Change

Increasing Hips and Thighs Increasing Hips and Thighs

Increase the breast size with the Push and Bloat tools.

Before Change Before Change

Breast Enlargement Breast Enlargement

For final color and contrast enhancements, you can use the AliveColors adjustments.

Result Result