Halftone Pattern

The Halftone Pattern effect converts a photo into an image rendered as a two-color print. Widely used in modern design, this technique works for creating retro-style images, comic books, and pop-art posters.

Original Image Halftone Pattern
Halftone Pattern


Effect Parameters:

Pattern. Select a pattern option: dots, lines, circles.

Dots Dots
Lines Lines
Circles Circles

Color. Use the color squares to set the colors for the pattern. Double-click the square and select a color from the standard dialog.

The button resets colors to default (black and white). When you press , the colors will be swapped.

Black And White Drawing Black And White Drawing
Color Drawing Color Drawing

Size (1-12). The parameter sets the size of the pattern elements.

Size = 5 Size = 5
Size = 10 Size = 10

Contrast (0-50). The parameter changes the contrast of the image.

Contrast = 10 Contrast = 10
Contrast = 40 Contrast = 40


If the Fixed Preview Area check-box is enabled, all changes will be displayed in a small preview area. If the check-box is disabled, the changes will be applied to the area visible in the Image Window.

Click Default to restore the original settings.

Click OK to apply the changes to the image and close the effect dialog box.

Click Cancel to close the dialog box without applying changes.