Fit Text to Path Tool

The Fit Text to Path tool is designed for adding an inscription along the outline of the selected vector object.

Fit Text to Path Fit Text to Path


Text is attached to a path (a vector line or a shape). When changing a path, the text changes accordingly.

The inscription is created on a separate text layer, which can be turned into a raster one by selecting the Rasterize Layer command in the Layers menu.

The text layer can also be converted to the shape layer using the Vectorize Text Layer command. After vectorization, each character will be represented as a separate vector shape. If the text symbol consists of several separate parts, you can select and move each part with the Edit Shape tool while holding the Alt key.

After text rasterization/vectorization you will not be able to change or re-format it.


The basic tool settings are shown in the Tool Options panel above the Image Window. To display the full list of parameters, click on the tool's icon in the Tool Options panel or use F5.

Fit Text to Path Tool Parameters Tool Parameters


Right-clicking on text opens a menu of standard commands.


To apply text, press OK. To cancel click on Cancel or use Esc.