Image Resizing

Read how to resize an image using AliveColors image editor. Alternatively, you can watch the video tutorial.

You can save the image resizing settings as Presets. Find all available presets in the drop-down list. If you modify the parameters, the preset name automatically changes to Custom, and the Save Custom Preset button appears next to the list. To save the current settings, press this button.
A new preset is automatically assigned a name (for example, Custom_1, Custom_2, etc.) that can be changed as needed by entering any combination of letters and numbers in the highlighted field. After pressing Enter, a new preset will appear in the drop-down list.
To remove a user preset, select it and press the Delete Custom Preset button .

Click to export user presets to a .presets file. To load the presets into the program, press on .


Image Size:

To change the size of an image, you can use the command Image -> Image Size.

To resize the image, click OK. To exit the dialog without saving any changes, click the Cancel button.


Canvas Size:

Canvas is a workspace containing all the image layers and has a specific size. To change the size of a document, you have to change the size of its canvas.

Open the Resize Canvas dialog box using the command Image -> Canvas Size.

To change the size of the canvas, press OK. To exit the dialog without applying any changes, click the Cancel button.