The built-in Enhancer plugin is designed to improve the detail of a photograph, correct the dark areas, increase the sharpness of the borders and contrast of images, etc. In AliveColors, the plugin is available as three effects in the Enhancer group (three image enhancement modes): Improve Detail, Tone Correction, and Prepress Processing.


The following effects are available in the Enhancer menu:

Prepress Processing. It allows you to increase the sharpness of borders and the contrast of the entire image before printing or publishing. Learn more about the effects settings here.

Original Image Prepress Mode Prepress Mode
(mouse over the image to see the original image)

The Enhancer effects are equipped with a set of Presets that allow you to make instant changes to your image with one click of a button. Presets can be used as-is or modified as needed.


You can also try the AKVIS Enhancer software (available as a plugin ans as a standalone program).