Refine Edges

The Refine Edges feature is extremely helpful for quick editing edges of selections or masks.
It is called using the Select -> Refine Edges… command.

Source Selection Mask Refine Edges
Refine Edges


You can save the settings as Presets. Find all available presets in the drop-down list. If you modify the parameters, the preset name automatically changes to Custom, and the Save Custom Preset button appears next to the list. To save the current settings, press this button.
A new preset is automatically assigned a name (for example, Custom_1, Custom_2, etc.) that can be changed as needed by entering any combination of letters and numbers in the highlighted field. After pressing Enter, a new preset will appear in the drop-down list.
To remove a user preset, select it and press the Delete Custom Preset button .

Click on to export user presets to a .presets file. To load the presets into the program, press on .


Adjust edges with the following parameters:

    Feather (0-100). The parameter softens the transition between the selection or mask and the surrounding background.

    Feather = 5 Feather = 5

    Feather = 25 Feather = 25

    Contrast (0-100). The parameter sharpens the edges of the selection or mask.

    Contrast = 10 Contrast = 10

    Contrast = 50 Contrast = 50

    Shift (-100..100). The parameter reduces or enlarges the selection/mask within the transition area.

    Shift = -50 Shift = -50

    Shift = 50 Shift = 50

    View Mode. Choose how to display the selection/object in the Image Window.

    In the Result drop-down menu, choose how the result with the refined edges will be shown: selection, mask, layer, or layer with a mask.

Press OK to apply changes, or Cancel to close the options.