Selecting Lipstick

AliveColors is not only a drawing program but also a magical stylist, which can change the appearance of a subject with a couple of brush strokes. In this tutorial, we show how to change the color of lipstick.

Original Image Photograph of a Girl

Result After Using AliveColors


Open the photo in AliveColors.

Original Image Original Image

Create a new raster layer (with the button).

Choose the Color Brush and paint the lips any suitable color.

Painting the New Color Painting the New Color

In the Layers panel, under the layers properties, set Opacity to between 20 and 40%.

Changing Properties Changing Opacity

There is a very simple way to avoid redrawing the shape of the lips each time you want to change their color. To do this click the lock icon and in the pop-up window choose , so that drawing on that layer will not affect transparent pixels.

Disable Changing Transparency Disable Changing Transparency

After changes to transparency have been locked, you can easily paint the lips in a different color: