Enhance a Portrait with High Pass Effect

AliveColors comprises a wide choice of effects. This tutorial shows how to enhance a portrait photograph with the High Pass effect in a few simple steps. We will apply the effect twice for complete image editing, enhancing the sharpness of selected edges and slightly smoothing desired areas.

Original Image Result Result
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Open a photo in AliveColors.

Make two copies of the background layer by right-clicking on it and selecting Duplicate in the context menu.

Layers Panel Layers Panel

Select the top layer and call the High Pass effect. Adjust the value of the Radius parameter to make only thin edges visible.

High Pass Effect High Pass Effect

In the Layers panel, change the blend mode of the processed layer to Overlay to sharpen edges in the photo.

Sharpening Edges Sharpening Edges

Turn off the visibility of the top layer and switch to the lower one.

Layers Panel Layers Panel

Call the High Pass effect again. Increase the value of the Radius parameter. You need to use a higher value than the first time to get an intense effect.

High Pass Effect High Pass Effect

Invert the result (Image -> Adjust -> Invert command).

Change the blend mode to Soft Light to improve the skin in the portrait.

Smoothed Photo Smoothed Photo

Add a layer mask (button on the Layers panel). In the Toolbar, select the Color Brush and paint with black on the mask the places that you want to sharpen (eyes and lips).

Adding a Mask Adding a Mask

Turn on the visibility of the top layer.

The result of these simple actions is a portrait of a girl with smoother skin and well-defined facial features, a representation of natural and perfect beauty.

Enhanced Photo Enhanced Photo
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