Texture Brush

Texture Brush is designed to draw lines of arbitrary shape with soft edges filled with the specified texture.


The basic tool settings are shown in the Tool Options panel above the Image Window or by right-clicking on the image. To display the full list of parameters, press the tool icon in the Tool Options panel or use the F5 key. To specify the parameter settings, enter a numerical value in the parameter’s field or use the slider.

The current appearance of the stroke, as well as all changes made to the parameters, are displayed in the preview window at the bottom of the expanded Tool Options panel.


You can select and adjust the texture in the Texture tab by clicking the button in the expanded Tool Options panel.

In the Texture Library, the available textures are shown as thumbnails.

Texture Library Texture Library

Under the texture list, the following options are located:


The parameters of the selected texture:

Properties tab:

Color Tab:

In addition to the above-mentioned parameters, you can adjust the advanced settings that affect the shape and position of the brush marks.


If the preset's settings have been changed, you can restore them using the Default button.

To draw an arbitrary straight line, you need to left-click to specify the starting point, then hold Shift, move the mouse cursor, click at the end point and release the Shift key. If you do not release Shift, all the new points will be connected into a single line.