Crop Tool

The Crop tool allows cutting off an image that helps to remove unwanted areas, to improve focus, or to make a square from a rectangular or contrariwise. To quickly access the tool use C.

You can also activate the Crop tool using the command Image -> Crop...

The Image -> Crop by Selection command allows you to quickly remove parts of an image surrounding the selection.


Activating the tool creates a crop frame that encloses the entire image. Select an area you want to keep by dragging the cursor while holding left mouse button.

If there is an active selection on the image, the crop frame automatically appears around the selection area.

You can change the size of the area by dragging the markers on the sides and angles of the bounding frame. To constrain the proportions hold down Shift. To move the frame, place the cursor inside it and drag. If you move the cursor to the center point, it turns to an arrow with a circle : in this case, only the center is movable.

To rotate the area, place the cursor outside the frame, and move it with the left mouse button. If you press Alt, the rotation angle will change in 5 degrees. The frame rotates around the transformation center.

If the frame is beyond the image, the empty area will be filled with a transparent background.


The basic tool settings are shown in the Tool Options panel above the Image Window. To display the full list of parameters, press the tool icon in the Tool Options panel.

To apply the tool and remove the areas outside the frame, click OK or press Enter. To cancel the crop, press Cancel or use the Esc-key.