Lens Corrections

The camera lens may exhibit various types of distortion at certain focal lengths and apertures. Such defects can be eliminated using the Lens Corrections tab .

Lens Corrections Tab


Using the following parameters you can get rid of the two most common optical defects.

Chromatic aberrations are caused by the dispersion of light passing through the lens. This often results in a fringe or halo around objects. For example, you can observe a red border on one side of an object closer to the center of the image, and a blue border on the side of the object farther from the center of the image.

Chromatic Aberrations Chromatic Aberrations

Chromatic Aberrations Eliminated Chromatic Aberrations Eliminated


Lens Vignetting is a lens defect that makes the edges of the image become darker (or sometimes lighter) compared to the center.

Shaded Edges Shaded Edges

Lens Vignetting Eliminated Lens Vignetting Eliminated

The vignetting is not always a defect. Sometimes it is applied to an image for artistic effect. Adding a vignette can be a powerful way to enhance both the mood and the composition of an image as well as to draw the viewer's attention towards the main subject.