Combine Images

The Combine Images menu contains effects that allow you to merge images into a composition.

You need a top active layer with a fragment you want to embed and underlying layers with a background.


The Chameleon effect completely adapts the fragment to the background image: the edges are smoothed and the color of the entire fragment changes, adjusting to the colors of the background image surrounding it.

Background Image Chameleon Effect
Chameleon Effect

The Chameleon effect does not have options and applies automatically immediately after the filter call.


The Emersion effect merges two images so that the object is "embedded" in the background in separate areas, thanks to which in some cases it is possible to achieve a combination of objects with complex shape.

Background Image Emersion Effect
Emersion Effect

Emersion Effect Controls:


Click Default to restore the original settings.

Click OK to apply the changes to the image and close the effect parameters.

Click Cancel to close the dialog box without applying changes.