Deformation Tools

The AliveColors image editor allows you to edit a photo, improve a portrait, create a colorful drawing. The program provides a large number of different tools.

The deformation tools are designed to distort parts of an image. They allow you to retouch portrait shots, edit facial features, reshape face or body, or create caricatures and various striking effects.

Original Image Using Deformation Tools
Using Deformation Tools


Deformation Tools:


When you select any of these tools, the Deformation mode is activated.

A deformation mesh allows you to track distortions more precisely. In the tool options, you can set the size of the grid cells and its color, as well as enable or disable its visibility.

After creating a distortion, you can save the deformation mesh for later application to other images. Press the button in the Tool Options panel. To load the saved deformation, click and select a file with the .dmesh extension.

To close the Deformation mode applying all changes, press in the Tool Options panel or in the History panel.

To exit the Deformation mode without accepting the changes, press in the Tool Options.

Note: After activating the Deformation mode, the History panel will display only the actions performed in this mode. When you exit the mode, the full image processing history will be shown.

To return to the mode to continue editing, in the History panel, go to the Deformation group and select any of the actions.

After the mode is closed, a new use of any deformation tool will create a new Deformation group in the History.