AliveColors: News and Updates

May 25, 2017
AliveColors Beta: French UI, Enhanced Crop Tool, Bug Fixes

List of Changes:

  1. The user interface is now available in French! You can change the language in the program's Preferences, in the General tab.
  2. Now you can save custom aspect ratios in the Crop tool.
  3. Fixed bugs:
    - fixed a bug that caused the program to crash when removing the active selection of a single visible layer in the Auto Select mode of the Move tool;
    - fixed the synchronization error that occurred when displaying tooltips in the Tool Options panel when changing the interface language;
    - incorrect displaying of source data in a format other than RGB, if the data does not have a profile (for all filters).

The updated version is available for download.


May 18, 2017
AliveColors Beta: Update Available!

List of Changes:

  1. Added the ability to convert a raster layer into an artistic layer.
  2. The angle of the light incident is now equal for all layer effects.
  3. Added the ability to edit the mask of an empty group of layers.
  4. In the Crop tool, the transformation center is set to the center of the image by clicking the Reset button.
  5. Fixed some bugs:
    - error when entering a space character in a text layer;
    - fixed bug that caused the recalculation of measurement units of the rulers based on the screen resolution instead of the image resolution;
    - error when recovering the cursor appearance after disabling the Eyedropper tool in the Text tool;
    - repeated displaying of an message when attempting to transform a locked, empty or invisible layer;
    - error when updating commands in the Select menu when changing a status in the Selections panel;
    - fixed bug that caused the program to crash when switching states in the History panel.


May 11, 2017
Update of AliveColors Beta: Improved Work with Layers, Color Wheel, Bug Fixes

List of Changes:

  1. Improved work with layers:

    - added the ability to copy layers and layer groups by dragging with the mouse while holding down the Shift+Alt keys on Win, +Options on Mac;
    - added the ability to move layer masks between layers and groups of layers by dragging with the mouse;
    - added the ability to copy layer masks by dragging with the mouse while holding down the Shift+Alt keys, +Options on Mac;
    - added the ability to move layer effects to another layers and groups of layers by dragging them with the mouse;
    - added the ability to copy layer effects to another layers and groups of layers by dragging them with the mouse while holding down the Shift+Alt keys on Win, +Options on Mac.

  2. The new color selection panel has been added - Color Wheel.
  3. Now you can activate the Hand tool when transforming or cropping an image by pressing and holding the space bar.
  4. Added changes to the hotkeys.
  5. The Reset button has been added to the Crop tool.
  6. Extended support for the PSD format (loading of shape layers).
  7. The Auto Select mode in the Edit Shape tool has been improved.
  8. Fixed the displaying of layer effects applied to a group of layers when minimizing by clicking on the group icon. In this case, the layer effects will be displayed in the Layers panel even for the minimized group.
  9. Changed the work of the command Layers - Merge Visible. Now it can be used even if all layers are visible.
  10. Added forced termination of active local tools when creating guidelines.
  11. Now you can see the Build Date by clicking the version number in the About AliveColors window.
  12. The Plugins folder is now automatically created after the installation of AliveColors.
  13. Fixed some bugs:
    - fixed the error that caused the removing of recently used fonts from the main list;
    - fixed the error occurred when loading/saving an empty artistic layer in AKVIS format;
    - fixed the error occurred when processing some numeric hotkeys;
    - fixed the error that caused the loss of the crop area size in the Crop tool when changing the interface language;
    - fixed the error when retrieving data from large image with the Eyedropper tool;
    - fixed the error that prevented recalculation of the layer opacity;
    - resolved an issue with layer mask thumbnails not being displayed for an empty group of layers;
    - fixed the error that appeared when switching from layer to mask in a single color channel.


April 25, 2017
Next Update Available: Auto Select, Font Preview, Bug Fixes!

List of Changes:

  1. The Auto Select feature has been added to the Edit Shape tool.
  2. Added the possibility to move a vector shape or selected points of a vector shape using the arrow keys in the New Shape and the Edit Shape tools.
  3. In the Text tool, added the possibility to preview fonts by scrolling through the font list.
  4. Fixed some bugs:
    - fixed the notification error that occurred when the notification was unavailable in a specific language;
    - fixed the error that occurred when entering numeric values using the Text tool;
    - fixed the error of displaying the progress bar when changing the color of the interface.


April 19, 2017
AliveColors Beta: Update Available! Italian UI

List of Changes:

  1. Added new interface language: Italian. You can change the interface language in the Preferences (General tab).
  2. Fixed the bug that prevented entering the numeric values.
  3. Fixed incorrect order of news in the notification panel.


April 18, 2017
AliveColors Beta Has Been Updated!

List of Changes:

  1. The Zoom tool has been enhanced: now you can choose between two options in the Settings Panel - Zoom In and Zoom Out. Additionally, new scale modes (Fit to View, 100%) are available.
  2. Improved the Crop tool:

    - if there is a selection, the tool automatically creates a crop frame around the selection area;
    - when you hold down the Ctrl key and click the image, a crop frame covers the entire image.

  3. Added the ability to edit the last two points with the mouse when creating a freeform shape.
  4. Changed the order of parameters in the context menu of Standard Brushes.
  5. Added the ability to adjust the Opacity and Strength parameters of Standard Brushes using the number keys 0,1,2,..9.
  6. Changed the hotkeys. In order for the changes to take effect, you may need to reset the hotkey settings to default.
  7. Redesigned tabs in the RAW processing mode.
  8. Fixed some bugs:
    - fixed the color calculation error in the Saturation parameter (Hue/Saturation adjustment);
    - fixed the default font size error in the Text tool;
    - fixed the synchronization error of the Art Cloning check-box in the Chameleon Brush tool when exiting the mode through the button in the History panel;
    - fixed the translation error of the Refine Edge button in the Settings Panel of the selection tools when changing the interface language;
    - fixed the error that occurred when copying non-raster layers to the clipboard;
    - fixed the recalculation error that occurred when editing a mask added to the adjustment layer;
    - notification error.


April 7, 2017
Next Update of AliveColors Beta!

List of Changes:

  1. Accelerated the autosave process.
  2. Added the deferred autosave option for a filter processing.
  3. Improved the Text tool:

    - added the font preview to the fonts list;
    - the recently used fonts are displayed at the top of the list in chronological order (max. 10);
    - added the anti-aliasing feature;
    - added the Eyedropper tool for sampling colors in the image.

  4. Added support for the following cameras: Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II, Canon EOS M5, FUJIFILM X100F, FUJIFILM X-T20, FUJIFILM X-A3, NIKON D5600, Panasonic DC-FZ82, Panasonic DC-GX800, Sony ILCE-6500.
  5. Added new hotkeys, old hotkeys has been standardized.
  6. Now it's possible to open an image by double-clicking in the empty image window of the editor (the start screen is off).
  7. In the Preferences, the default interface scale is set to Auto; the Use OS File Dialog check-box is enabled.
  8. Added automatic switching to the Move tool when inserting a selection from the clipboard.
  9. For Rectangular, Elliptical, Lasso and Polygonal selection tools, added the possibility to undo the selection with the left mouse click outside the selection area (only in the New Selection mode).
  10. The minimum brush size of the Oil Brush and the Artistic Smudge has been reduced from 3 to 1.
  11. The Tilt range of the the Artistic Pencil tool has been changed from (0..100) to (-100..100).
  12. The following parameters are now displayed on the upper settings panel:

    - Spray tool: Drop Density, Drop Size;
    - Clone Stamp tool: Aligned check-box;
    - Chameleon Brush: Aligned check-box, Artistic Cloning check-box, Run button;
    - Blur tool: Radius;
    - Sharpen tool: Radius.

  13. Added the switching of color components to Grayscale mode when selecting a single color channel (Color Panel).
  14. Added the automatic enabling of guidelines when creating them.
  15. Improved the notification mechanism of the notification panel and the filter settings panel.
  16. Added the displaying of layer effects for a group of layers in the Pass Through mode.
  17. Changed the design of the RAW processing panel.
  18. Improved background rendering for sliders.
  19. Fixed some bugs:

    - fixed the displaying of notification after changing the interface language.
    - fixed the error, which occurred when renaming an action during its execution;
    - fixed the error of saving correction layers in the .akvis format;
    - fixed the error of layer mask processing in adjustment layers;
    - fixed the error of the initial displaying of the preview frame in the RAW processing mode;
    - fixed the GPU rendering error in the RAW processing mode (Chromatic Aberration algorithm);
    - fixed the error of saving the Temperature and Tint parameters in a preset (RAW processing mode);
    - fixed the error of re-initialization of the GPU process after cancelling;
    - fixed the error of displaying the cursor after rotating the text input area;
    - in the History panel, fixed the error of incorrect selection of elements in the enclosed group;
    - fixed the error of applying the Radial blur effect to an image with a non-zero alpha channel.


March 28, 2017
AliveColors Beta: The First Update Available!

AliveColors has been updated with multiple bug fixes and improvements.

List of Changes in AliveColors:

  1. Added the new Artistic Smudge tool.
  2. Added the Learn Panel to the start screen.
  3. Improved the color selecting algorithm used by the Eyedropper tool.
  4. Improved the Autosave feature.
  5. Added the image alignment feature in the Image Window (when the image is smaller than the Image Window, it is centered by double-clicking on a square between the scroll bars).
  6. Improved the 8bf interface.
  7. Improved the Edit Shape tool so that it validates the compatibility of the layer type.
  8. In the RAW processing mode, icons are added to the interface tabs.
  9. Added the RAW file filter to the file open dialog.
  10. Displaying the preview area has been removed from default configuration.
  11. Changed the appearance of the preview area frame.
  12. Improved the recognition of the file format when uploading a file with the wrong extension.
  13. Fixed multiple bugs:
    - fixed the crash on Mac caused by opening pop-up dialog boxes;
    - in the Perspective Shadow effect, fixed the bug when saving the color of the shadow;
    - fixed the deleting of a gradient point when reloading the file;
    - fixed the error that caused the crash when working with selection;
    - fixed the error in the in the RAW file processing dialog related to the incorrect displaying of the preview area check-box;
    - fixed the synchronization error occurred when changing the parameter values of artistic brushes;
    - fixed the error of entering the space character in a text layer.


March 21, 2017
AliveColors Image Editor for Win and Mac: Beta Version Now Available for Download! (Press Release, PDF)

We are incredibly excited to announce the beta version of AliveColors image editor!

AliveColors is all-in-one graphics and photo editing software for Windows and Mac OS X. This self-explanatory program is not only intended for professionals, but also for amateurs and beginners. With the vast array of supplied tools, adjustments, filters, and effects, AliveColors enhances photos to their full potential. Along with the image enhancement features, the software provides users with artistic brushes and filters that allow them to stylize photos and create images from scratch. The program also includes easy-to-use shape tools which are indispensable for designing scalable vector-based graphics.

The software manipulates pictures in any way one can imagine: retouches and repairs photos, reduces digital noise, improves focus, applies blur effects, colorizes b&w photos, corrects color and tone, improves detail, performs all necessary prepress adjustments, creates HDR images, extracts complex objects, adds text, edits RAW files, combines images into collages, applies a variety of unique effects, paints and draws, etc. - all in a customer-friendly manner. This comprehensive image editor provides maximum performance with minimum effort!

Download AliveColors Beta and try all the features after a one-time registration.

The software runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; and on Mac OS X 10.7-10.12 - 64-bit only.