September 22, 2020: What's New in AliveColors
build 2.1.2386

AliveColors 2.1 offers striking Effects Gallery, new High Pass filter, new FX Brush tools, some interface and workflow improvements, as well as the increased stability. Enhance your photos! Create pictures that go beyond the typical snapshots! Download the latest version.


Effects Gallery

The new version provides an impressive gallery of AliveColors effects. The new preview mode, where the effects are presented as images, makes it easy to navigate and choose a filter that will accommodate your needs, as well as increases the pleasure of using the program.

Effects Gallery


High Pass Effect

The High Pass filter reveals details along the edges, improving the contrast and making the picture sharper. Photographers often resort to this useful technique to create high contrast portraits. Watch the video tutorial.

Take your photos to the next level with the High Pass effect!

High Pass


New FX Brushes

The update adds two new FX Brushes: the FX Sparkle Brush and the Energy Brush. With the new tools, you can draw stars, sparkles, and light flashes, create eye-catching graphics.

Add shine and sparkle to your photos!

New FX Brushes


Also, in the new version:

  • Added Fill Shape button to the Shape Tools settings.
  • Added different paths for saving and loading images. Now you can use different directories without switching.
  • Added File Type for New Single-Layer Images option to the Preferences (General tab).
  • Extended the list of supported RAW formats of new digital cameras:

    - ARW: Sony ZV-1;
    - CR3: Canon EOS R6;
    - NEF: NIKON D6;
    - RW2: Panasonic DC-G100.

  • Increased the program's stability and fixed bugs:

    - fixed the crash when duplicating multiple layers using the Duplicate command or with the Shift+Alt hotkeys;
    - fixed a duplicate error for groups of layers.


Download the recent version:





Update/Upgrade Information:

The upgrade is FREE for recent buyers of AliveColors who bought or upgraded the program during the last 12 months.

If your license is older and is not valid for the current version, you can buy 1 Year of Updates for $ 20.

We offer extra year of updates for free when upgrading the license: Home to Pro for $ 105.