What's New in AliveColors 8.0
June 27, 2023 — build 8.0.3543

The AliveColors image editor has been updated! Version 8.0 introduces great new features! The update includes new AI-based selection tools (Object Selection and Select Subject), important improvements in the Clone Stamp and Chameleon Brush tools, and a set of other changes and fixes that make the program even more convenient, enjoyable, and rich in features.
Download the new version! Make outstanding graphics and bring your creative ideas to life!


Object Selection with AI

The new version offers two AI-based selection features: the Object Selection tool and the Select Subject command.

Use these handy, time-saving tools in your design projects!

Object Selection

The new selection tools are available for all license types, including the Free version of AliveColors.

The Object Selection tool (available in the Toolbar) is designed to select multiple objects or areas in an image using a specially trained neural network. This tool is extremely helpful when you need to separate an object from the other ones.

The Select Subject command (in the Select menu) allows you to quickly and automatically select the main, the most noticeable subject (or several noticeable subjects) in an image using an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Select an object on a photo with a single click!

Watch the video about the new selection features:


Clone Stamp & Chameleon Brush on Multiple Layers & Documents

The Clone Stamp and Chameleon Brush have been improved! These cloning, healing, and creative tools are now even more helpful and flexible.

The new features make it easier to work with complex documents. You can choose layers in the Sample pop-up menu and adjust the Clone Source settings.

Improvements in Clone Stamp & Chameleon Brush

In the new version, these tools have been combined into one group in the Toolbar.

The Clone Stamp tool allows you to copy areas of an image while maintaining the color range, shadows, texture, illumination, and other characteristics of the cloned object.

The Chameleon Brush allows you to seamlessly clone a fragment of an image, adapting the cloned object to a new background. The unique feature of this tool is the Artistic Cloning mode.

Retouch your photos and create amazing collages and compositions!


Other Improvements & Fixes

  • Accelerated the Stencil effect thanks to multithreaded processing.
  • Added the Crop by Selection command.
  • Added the Basic section into the File Info panel.
  • Improved reading of the EXIF data.
  • Moved the Tuning Brush from the Standard Brushes to the Retouching Tools in the Toolbar.
  • Added the J hotkey for the Retouching Tools.
  • Changed the hotkey to S for the Chameleon Brush .
  • Implemented minor interface improvements.
  • Improved stability when working with the WebP file format.
  • Added the "star" icon in the menu for the unavailable effects in the Free version.
  • Fixed the bugs:

    - a document update when enabling/disabling a mask in the Layers panel;
    - changing a font size on an empty text layer;
    - working of the Eyedropper tool ;
    - an error of saving user hotkeys;
    - a cursor rendering error when switching tools with the hotkeys;
    - an image scaling error with the active selection;
    - and other minor fixes.

Improvements in Version 8.0


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Update Information:

Check if you are eligible for a free update in the Customer Room or contact us at support@akvis.com.

  • The update is FREE for recent buyers who purchased/upgraded AliveColors during the last 12 months.

    Download version 8.0. If necessary, re-activate it using your key.

  • If your license is older and is not valid for the current version, you can:

    - either keep the old version with your license (download the previous versions in the Customer Room)

    - or update to version 8.0 for $ 20.

    When ordering the update, please enter your key of the program into the "Serial number" field. After the payment is completed, your license becomes valid for the new version and all subsequent updates within a year.
    Re-activate the latest version using your key.