What's New in AliveColors 8.5
August 3, 2023 — build 8.5.3591

AliveColors 8.5 is available! This update brings a set of innovations and improvements. Version 8.5 includes the new neural network-based Image Enlargement feature, the new Color Balance adjustment, the enhanced object selection tools, the updated NatureArt built-in plugin, and an extensive list of fixes.
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Image Enlargement with Neural Networks

In the AI menu of AliveColors, a new useful item has appeared - Image Enlargement. The new feature allows you to increase a photo up to 800% enhancing its quality. It offers two magnification algorithms to choose: Standard (recommended for photographs) and Intensified (for illustrations, artworks, images with text).

Transform low-resolution images to high-quality prints!

Image Enlargement


Color Balance Adjustment

With each release, AliveColors gets more and more must-have color correction options. The update includes the Color Balance adjustment (available also as an adjustment layer) that allows you to correct color tints in individual tonal ranges.

Make your photos achieve their best appearance!

Color Balance


Improved Object Selection Features

The new version offers some improvements in the AI-based selection features added into the previous version of AliveColors: the Object Selection tool and the Select Subject command.

Object Selection


Updated NatureArt Built-in Plugin

The NatureArt built-in plugin has been updated. The plugin offers a collection of unique effects that imitate natural phenomena: Rain, Clouds, Rainbow, Water, Lightning, Frost, and Aurora. Change the weather on your images!

In the new version, the Autorun option moved to the effect settings for more convenience and usability.

NatureArt Plugin


Other Improvements & Fixes

  • Changed the text reflection algorithm for the Fit Text to Path tool.
  • Changed the histogram generation algorithm.
  • Increased the program stability and fixed bugs:

    - repositioning of a mask when undoing layer move;
    - an error with transparency when transforming a selected area on Windows;
    - a crash when creating a freehand shape (when forming only the starting point);
    - a scaling error for the Fit Text to Path tool when changing the image dpi;
    - an error when applying an adjustment layer within a group;
    - a display of a warning message about insufficient video memory at startup;
    - a bug with the Strength parameter in the Saturation tool;
    - ensured deleting temporary files after saving to jpeg on macOS and Linux.

Changes in Version 8.5


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  • If your license is older and is not valid for the current version, you can:

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    - or update to version 8.5 for $ 20.

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