7 What's New in AliveColors 4.0.2711: AI Filters, Tuning Brush

September 30, 2021: What's New in AliveColors 4.0
build 4.0.2711

The major update of AliveColors is arrived! The program is now AI-powered! Version 4.0 offers new filters - JPEG Artifact Remover and Motion Deblur, new Tuning Brush, and some interface, performance, usability, and stability improvements. Download the recent version!


New AI Filters

The AliveColors main menu now includes the AI group with neural filters: JPEG Artifact Remover and Motion Deblur.

The JPEG Artifact Remover filter uses machine learning algorithms to remove JPEG artifacts and reduce pixelation. Create high-quality images without artifacts!

This AI-based filter is available for all users, including in the Free version of the image editor.


The Motion Deblur filter fixes camera shake and motion blur problems. Recover out-of-focus images with a click!

This filter is only available in Pro version.

Watch the video about the new neural filters:


Tuning Brush

The new color retouching tool has been added! The Tuning Brush is absolutely essential for tonal corrections. It blends color tints and recolors images keeping texture. The tool is helpful when you need to slightly change colors, get rid of odd tones or unnecessary details, add color variability, or mix adjacent colors. Give more tints and volume to your photos!

The new brush is available for Home and Pro licenses.


Other Improvements

Thanks to these changes, the work in the program has become even more comfortable and productive:

  • Added file saving options in the Batch Processing dialog box.
  • Accelerated loading of the program due to the optimization of the launch time.
  • Made numerous improvements in UI design and implementation.
  • Changed algorithm for adding/subtracting/intersecting when transferring data between alpha channel/mask/selection.
  • Added copying alpha from dynamic layers (text/text on the path/shape) to the selection.
  • Added copying from the mask/alpha channel into the hidden layer (with the visibility off).
  • Changed the add/subtract/intersect algorithm for Magic Wand, Quick Selection, and other Selection Tools.
  • Implemented smoother selection edges for the Selection Tools.
  • Enabled the Anti-Aliasing mode by default for Selection Tools.
  • Made minor improvements in the SVG format.


Increased Stability & Bug Fixes

In the latest update, these bugs have been fixed:

  • emerging lines in the Effect Gallery;
  • an error that caused the program to crash when changing the UI style;
  • an error that caused the program to crash when transferring data from alpha-channel (not 8 bit) to a mask/selection;
  • an error that caused the program to crash when copying from channel to a mask/alpha channel;
  • an error when canceling the AirBrush filter processing;
  • an error when launching Refine Edge on a selection with an active non-raster layer;
  • an error that sometimes caused the program to crash when changing the extension (from akvis to another) in the file name field of the Save As dialog.


Download the recent version:





Attn. Windows-users: To use GPU power for AI, you need an NVIDIA graphics card with CUDA Compute Capability 3.5+ and the latest version of a driver for the graphics card. Otherwise, the processing will be performed by the CPU which will take much longer.

Attn. Mac-users: You need at least macOS 10.12 (or later) to use the neural filters.


Update/Upgrade Information:

The upgrade is FREE for recent buyers of AliveColors who bought or upgraded the program during the last 12 months.

If your license is older and is not valid for the current version, you can buy 1 Year of Updates for $ 20.

We offer an extra year of updates for free when upgrading the license: Home to Pro for $ 105.