March 18, 2021: What's New in AliveColors 3.0
build 3.0.2559

The major update of AliveColors is available! Version 3.0 implements the redesigned user interface, offers advanced automation features, new Blend Modes, the update of all built-in plugins, and many other improvements! Download AliveColors 3.0!


New Interface

The update brings the program right up to date with a new modern style. The new interface is based on UI developments by the world's leading companies. The flexible and airy design is harmoniously combined with a deep approach to organizing the workspace. The color schemes follow global UI trends. Enjoy a better experience thanks to the new interface!

In the Preferences, you can choose between two modern styles: Light or Dark.

New Interface


Improvements in Actions

The automation module has been significantly reworked! You can now record the most commands in Actions. The update allows you to record manipulations with Layers, Selections, Channels, History, Clipboard, etc.

AliveColors 3.0 offers 10 new built-in actions which make it easy to apply a variety of adjustments and effects to your photos. Get more work done in less time!



Update of Built-in Plugins

All Built-in Plugins have been updated! The program includes 10 AKVIS plugins: AirBrush, Enhancer, HDRFactory, LightShop, MakeUp, NatureArt, Neon, Noise Buster, Points, and SmartMask. Make digital artworks and perform image enhancement in the most effective way!

Built-in Plugins


And Other New Features:

  • Added Blend Modes: Linear Light, Vivid Light, Pin Light, and Hard Mix.
  • Reworked the color selection box in the Toolbar, as well as in the Color and Color Wheel panels.
  • Added hotkeys for language keyboard layouts in Windows (for the languages available in the image editor).
  • Improved the Tool Options panel. Removed automatic panel closing when switching between tools or documents.
  • Added display of error messages in Batch Processing.
  • Updated the Installation Wizard for Windows.
  • Extended the list of supported RAW formats. Added the formats of these digital cameras:

    NEF: NIKON Z 6_2, NIKON Z 7_2;
    ORF: Olympus E-M10MarkIV.


Improved Stability & Bug Fixes:

  • an error that caused the program to crash when closing the Batch Processing tab or all open documents, or exiting the image editor during batch processing;
  • an error in displaying an empty document (with an empty group of layers);
  • an error that caused the program to crash when transferring a mask from a layer to an empty group of layers and selecting it;
  • an error that caused the program to crash when starting the High Pass effect on one channel;
  • an error in the blend modes for the Clone Stamp tool.


Download the recent version:





Update/Upgrade Information:

The upgrade is FREE for recent buyers of AliveColors who bought or upgraded the program during the last 12 months.

If your license is older and is not valid for the current version, you can buy 1 Year of Updates for $ 20.

We offer an extra year of updates for free when upgrading the license: Home to Pro for $ 105.