July 19, 2022: What's New in AliveColors 5.5
build 5.5.3034

AliveColors 5.5 is available! This summer update brings new Comics and Linocut effects that transform photos into stylized illustrations and drawings, native support for the Apple M1 series of processors, batch conversion of images, improved RAW processing, new tools options, and many useful optimizations and improvements as well as bug fixes.

Download AliveColors 5.5 and get creative with ease and joy!


New Comics Effect

The Comics effect transforms a picture into a poster or a cartoon drawing. Give your photos the look of a colorful poster!

Comics Effect


New Linocut Effect

The Linocut imitates the printmaking technique of engraving on linoleum. Make expressive catchy drawings from your photos!

Linocut Effect


Apple M1 Compatibility

The program is now compatible with M1 Macs! AliveColors can run natively on both Intel and M1 processors. Boost your productivity! With the M1 native app you can create faster!

Apple M1 Compatibility


Batch Conversion

AliveColors 5.5 includes the Batch Conversion feature for converting a series of files from one format to another. Convert multiple images at once!

Batch Conversion


Many Improvements

The new version contains many optimizations and improvements.

Many Improvements
  • Added a cursor information panel when selecting, transforming, moving, cropping.
  • Optimized font handling when loading/writing SVG and PSD.
  • Increased the speed of the Quick Selection tool.
  • Improved calculations for RAW Processing.
  • Modified work with the Presets in the RAW Processing mode.
  • Added alignment for the active layer to the Move tool.
  • Added the Bezier Flattening Threshold parameter to the Preferences -> General.
  • Added the Processing Size Limit parameter to the Preferences -> Filters & Plugins.
  • Added the Angle parameter to the Gradient Fill tool.
  • Added alignment modes for the Angle control in UI: when holding down Shift - by 5°, Ctrl - by 10°.
  • Changed the default Blend Mode for layer groups: from Pass Through to Normal.
  • Implemented some UI improvements.


Bug Fixes

Also, the update provides better stability and bug fixes.

  • Fixed PSD loading errors.
  • Fixed an error of recalculation of dynamic cursors when scaling, scrolling, resizing the Image Window.
  • Fixed an error of recalculation of the gradient fill guide when scaling, scrolling, resizing the Image Window.
  • Fixed an error of saving filter presets.
  • Fixed an error of direct copying of selection as a new document.
  • Fixed an error when working with an image in the Grayscale color space in the Accented Edges effect.
  • Fixed an error of rendering the preview area in the Tone Correction and Prepress effects.


Update Information:

Check if you are eligible for a free update in the Customer Room or contact us at support@akvis.com.

  • The update is FREE for recent buyers who purchased/upgraded AliveColors during the last 12 months.

    Download version 5.5. If necessary, re-activate it using your key.

  • If your license is older and is not valid for the current version, you can:

    - either keep the old version with your license
    - or Update to Version 5.5 for $ 20.

    When ordering the update, please enter your key (serial number) of the program. After the payment is completed, your license becomes valid for the new version and all subsequent updates within a year.
    Re-activate the latest version using your key.


Download AliveColors 5.5:





Attn. Windows users: To use GPU power for AI, you need an NVIDIA graphics card with CUDA Compute Capability 3.5+ and the latest version of a driver for the graphics card. Otherwise, the processing will be performed by the CPU which will take much longer. System Requirements.

Attn. Mac users: Note that since v.5.5 we discontinued support for Mac OS X 10.10-10.11. To keep the app working on these Macs, you can download the previous versions of AliveColors in the Customer Room.

We are working on a Linux version of AliveColors.