What's New in AliveColors 9.3
May 28, 2024 — build 9.3.3951

Here is an update of the AliveColors image editing program! Version 9.3 offers the brand-new LUT Editor, new image cropping options, as well as many significant improvements and fixes that make the program easier to use.
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LUT Editor — Creating Lookup Tables

The new LUT Editor is designed for general or selective tonal correction and creating or editing color tables (CLUTs), which can be used in the Color Lookup (3D LUT) adjustment and adjustment layer. This advanced feature is available for all license types, even in the Free version.

Change tones by curving color space! Using LUTs, you can achieve professional-level color correction with just a few clicks!

Creating Lookup Tables


New Crop Options

The Crop and Perspective Crop tools have become much efficient and easier to use!

The updated crop feature allows you to set the output size of your image. Using the new W x H x Resolution mode (Width, Height, Resolution), you can crop to specified size (using a variety of units: pixels, inches, mm, cm) and adjust the resolution. It's possible to easily swap the width and height values of the crop area.

Watch a video about the new mode in the Crop tool.

The new types of view of the cropping grid are now available: Rule of Thirds, Grid, Diagonal, Triangle, Golden Ratio, and Golden Spiral. Choose the option that best fits your composition.

Image Cropping


Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved the Curves algorithm.
  • Improved the Blend by Brightness feature.
  • Updated default settings for layer effects.
  • Added more correct reading of colors from PSD for layer effects with gradient.
  • Accelerated switching between images when Quick Selection tool is active.
  • Added saving to PDF.
  • Improved work with color profiles. Now, two commands are available in the Image menu: Assign Profile and Convert to Profile.
  • Added minor interface improvements.
  • Enhanced stability and fixed bugs:

    - an error in the operation of the sliders in the Color panel;
    - residual glitches after turning off display of guidelines;
    - an error when moving guidelines;
    - an error of ungrouping layers command;
    - frame display in the Move tool.

Improvements & Bug Fixes


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System Requirements.


Check if you are eligible for a free update in the Customer Room or contact us at support@akvis.com.

Free Update

    Customers who purchased/upgraded AliveColors during the last 12 months can update to the new version for free.

    Download version 9.3. If necessary, re-activate it using your key.

Paid Update

    Customers with older versions, whose license is not valid for the latest version, can update to AliveColors 9.3 for $ 20.

    When ordering the update, please enter your key of the program into the "Serial number" field. After the payment is completed, your license becomes valid for the new version and all subsequent updates within a year.
    Re-activate the latest version using your key.