What's New in AliveColors 9.0
November 3, 2023 — build 9.0.3708

The latest version of the AliveColors graphics editor is packed with new features to spark your creativity and make image editing even more fun. The update offers new image combination effects, the new Extreme mode in the JPEG Artifact Remover filter, as well as an extensive list of improvements and fixes.

Download AliveColors 9.0 to explore all the amazing new ways you can bring your photos to life!

Discover all the new and improved features in version 9.0:


Image Combination Effects

With the latest features in AliveColors, making collages is an enjoyable creative endeavor. In the Effects menu, the new Combine Images group is now available with two effects. Creating eye-catching compositions has never been easier!

- The Chameleon effect completely adapts a fragment to a new image, adjusting colors to the background.
- The Emersion effect merges images so that the object is "embedded" in the background in separate areas.
Watch a video tutorial.

Get ready to reimagine your pictures in unique ways! Create amazing compositions!

Collage Creation with Chameleon Effect

New Artifact Removal Mode

The update includes a new Extreme mode in the JPEG Artifact Remover filter. This AI-based filter automatically detects and removes compression artifacts and noise. Your photos will look crisp and clear.

The new neural network model is designed to restore badly damaged photos. Erase unwanted artifacts in your photos with just a single click!

Removing JPEG Artifacts

Improved Color Lookup (3D LUT)

The Color Lookup (3D LUT) adjustment allows you to change colors and tone of your image using a lookup table (LUT) file. The new version allows you to import multiple LUTs at once.

Loading LUTs

Updated RAW Support

If you shoot in RAW, you will find these changes useful. Now, the program uses a new method of reading the RAW files. A RAW file contains the original image data exactly as captured on your camera sensor. A RAW file retains all the extended detail of high quality and resolution, and more nuances of colors and tones than other formats.

In version 9.0, we have added support for RAW formats of new digital cameras.

Import and edit your RAW images in AliveColors!

RAW Formats

Other Improvements & Fixes

The update also includes some other improvements to ensure the best user experience, efficiency, reliability, and safety:

  • Improved text movement when using the Fit Text to Path tool.
  • Added more efficient cache of neural network models and thus accelerated re-calling of the AI filters.
  • Optimized the operation of the AI filters.
  • Accelerated copying between data stores and buffers in memory.
  • Improved searching of third-party plugins on Windows (Nik Collection and others): following symlinks to .8bf during the plugin scan.
  • Added the ability to block the program from connecting to the Internet (in the Preferences: Prohibit Internet Access).
  • Changed the scale for adjusting the brush size in the tool options panel: now it's non-linear (as in the pop-up dialog box).
  • Implemented some interface improvements.
  • Increased the program stability and fixed bugs:

    - a problem with selection areas when using the Move tool;
    - an error with auto-selection of layers in the Move tool when using the Fit Text to Path tool;
    - an error when adjusting the Curves with the mouse;
    - a preview area calculation in the Effects and AI filters;
    - an error in the Noise Buster built-in plugin when switching between the full calculation and preview mode;
    - reading of the WEBP format;
    - an error with saving user actions and presets on Mac.


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  • The update is FREE for recent buyers who purchased/upgraded AliveColors during the last 12 months.

    Download version 9.0. If necessary, re-activate it using your key.

  • If your license is older and is not valid for the current version, you can:

    - either keep the old version with your license (download the previous versions in the Customer Room)

    - or update to version 9.0 for $ 20.

    When ordering the update, please enter your key of the program into the "Serial number" field. After the payment is completed, your license becomes valid for the new version and all subsequent updates within a year.
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